Lost CSCS Card

Although it can happen to any of us, when it happens to you, you will want to know exactly what you have to do if you need to report a lost CSCS card.  You will want to know if there is a charge and whether you can work without it or not.  This page will give you all the answers.

When you lose a CSCS card the first thing you need to do is contact the CSCS Helpline and put in a request for a duplicate card to be sent out to you.  It is important that you have your debit or credit card as you will need to pay £30, as long as you are happy for the same photograph that was on the lost card to be used on the duplicate one.  If instead, however, you wish to update your CSCS card photograph you can organise for a pre-populated form to be sent out to you in the post that you can send back with the relevant payment details and new photograph.

Whether or not you can work on a construction site while you wait for your replacement/duplicate card to be sent out is at the discretion of your employer.  While many construction sites may allow you to work with just your CSCS registration number, more and more sites require the visible CSCS card as ID and proof that you are able to perform your particular role or trade on-site.

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